A bugfix release of version 0.40 is available, see Version 0.42

This page is all about version 0.40 of the Aneuch wiki engine. This is the successor to Version 0.30.

Download Aneuch 0.40, then follow the installation instructions (or see the Upgrading guide)

New Features

File Uploads - File uploads are now possible in Aneuch. Administrators can specify what file types to allow (or allow uploads at all).

Short Codes - Short codes are little tags that get replaced by code in plugins. See the page for more information.

robots.txt - Search engines use the robots.txt file to determine what is and is not allowed to be indexed (if they are "well behaved" that is). Aneuch now allows you to create a robots.txt file that will be served to these bots directly from the Administrative interface. Also, if one does not exist, one will be generated automatically. This is over-ridden if you have a robots.txt file already in the web directory your Aneuch installation runs from.

Revision Editing - Aneuch now allows you to edit any revision of a page, not just the most recent one. Also beginning with this version, the page revert functionality is handled through this method. Note well that editing an old revision doesn't change that revision, rather, it stores the edits you made to that past revision as the newest revision of the page.

Delayed Deleting - Aneuch now offers delayed page deleting. See Deleting Pages for more information.


Version 0.40 Changelog


  • Begin working on 0.40:
    Target: None Actual: 24 Feb 2014
  • Required features done:
    Target: 26 May 2014 Actual: 13 Nov 2014
  • Testing of all required features:
    Target: 30 May 2014 Actual: 13 Nov 2014
  • Documentation complete:
    Target: 30 May 2014 Actual:
  • Download made available:
    Target: 31 May 2014 Actual: 13 Nov 2014

Development information can be found on Version_0.40_DevTrack

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