This page contains information pertaining to Version 0.40 or higher only. For information on how page deleting worked prior to this release, refer to the page Deleting Pages pre 0.40.

Deleting pages in Aneuch is pretty easy. Simply navigate to the page you want to delete, and click the edit link.

At the bottom of the page editor, you'll see a Delete button. Click that, and you'll notice your page content will be replaced with the text "DeletedPage" and the summary field will be populated with a note that the page has been marked for deletion.

Alternatively, you can delete all of the page content, and enter "DeletedPage" by itself on the first line. You can put anything you'd like after that line (such as information or discussions as to why the page is being deleted). However, the text "DeletedPage" must be the only thing on the first line.

After the amount of time defined in the variable $PurgeDeletedPage (default 2 weeks) the page will automatically be deleted via a [maintenance task?]. Administrators can force delete a page from the administrative back-end by clicking on the "List Pending Deleted Pages" tab and then clicking the force delete link next to the desired page.

For information about the different methods of deleting pages, see Immediate vs Delayed Deleting.