I'm working on starting to track work in Trello, you can see the public board here.

I will use this page to discuss things that I want to add to Aneuch in the future. Think of this as a "wish list" of sorts. If you'd like to request a feature, please see the Feature Requests page, or the issue tracker.

See also the Roadmap to 1.0


Eventually I want to add site-wide and per page ACL's (Access Control List). This is important to me, personally, because I want to use Aneuch for my personal wiki (which is currently a dokuwiki site). I say it's important, because there are several pages within that wiki that have stuff on them that I don't want the public to see, but that I want to see (work related stuff, mostly).

Additionally, ACL's could be useful in locking a page for editing by anyone. I'm not entirely convinced that there is a practical use for this, but hey, why not. -- AaronGraves


While the Markup engine works, it's quite ugly. Ultimately, I'd like to re-write the markup engine as a state machine. Until I do this, the engine will not be 100% compatible with Creole syntax. (See CreoleTest) -- AaronGraves

Speaking of Markup, I need to get tables implemented. I'll target the 0.40 release of Aneuch for table support. -- AaronGraves Thu Aug 22 15:24:55 UTC 2013 (


Presently Aneuch uses a very rudimentary system for authenticating. There is basically a list of passwords stored in the configuration file. If someone knows any of those passwords, they can log in to the site and do any number of things.

I'd like to change this to use a user+pass combo. This won't be the easiest thing in the world to do, as I'll have to create a system for users to be able to change their own password as well. But I do have some ideas in mind.

Also, I'd like to look at the possibility of using a "tiered access" system. As it is now, if you have a valid password, you can do any number of administrative features to an Aneuch site that some admins may not want all users to be able to do. So I can introduce an "admin" and "editor" level, or something similar. This allows those who have authenticated as an admin to do admin stuffs, and those who are editors will be denied this ability.

RSS Feeds

Self explanatory. Produce an RSS feed of the wiki site. Potentially separate RSS feed of recent changes.

Maybe even parse external RSS feeds within the wiki markup?


I'd like to add individual page subscriptions, so that users can subscribe to a page, and every time that page is changed, they get an email alerting them of that change.

Multi-level Pages

Or, subpages. Basically, make it possible to have pages like "This/Is/A/Valid/Page". Each level would also be a valid page.

Page Clusters

Group pages together in "clusters." This will make things like delayed deleting possible (see Immediate vs Delayed Deleting).