Welcome Visitors!

Welcome to the Aneuch wiki! This is a wiki about the Aneuch wiki engine. We talk about the development, functioning, and improvement of Aneuch. Everyone is encouraged to participate. This page is for people new to the wiki.

If this is your first time on a wiki, please check out the page [Using Wiki?] for a quick introduction.

Before you go on, there’s two things you should know. First, anything you write here is made available for people to copy, via the Uncopyright terms. Second, please Use Real Names when you sign your name; don’t use a Pseudonym.

Other do's and don't:

  • Do Use Real Names
  • Do expect others to edit your text
  • Do respect the [Community Consensus?] when there is a disagreement
  • Don’t be rude
  • Don’t take it personally if some of your text is changed or deleted
  • Don’t spam
  • [Wiki Squatting?], that is, using this wiki as your personal Web space, is prohibited
  • Don’t edit someone else's signed comment

Here’s are some things you might like to do:

  • practice editing a wiki page on the Playground. The Playground is a separate wiki created especially for practicing on.
  • add your name to the “guest book” at RecentVisitors
  • start out by reading the site a bit, and try to get a sense of the local style
  • visit RecentChanges every few days to see what people are saying
  • then, begin by adding comments and making minor corrections to various pages; conquer your [Fear of Editing?]!
  • once you get the feel of this place, help us out by editing existing pages, restructuring them, or contributing new content

You might like to visit…

  • the SiteMap (which you can always get to via the link in the top menu bar)
  • [Vision and Mission?] to learn about the goals of this site
  • WikiNode for links to related sites
  • RecentChanges for a list of recent contributions to this wiki