The Aneuch Wiki Engine

Diagram of a wiki Welcome! Aneuch (pronounced uh-nookh and means "enough") is a wiki engine written in PERL by Aaron Graves. It is a single PERL script, and it uses your filesystem rather than a database. (See Features)

Documentation is available to help you get started.

Aneuch is free in every sense of the word (free as in beer, and free as in speech), being licensed under the BSD License.

The current release of Aneuch is Version 0.50. The next release will be Version 0.60.

Some of the goals of this project are:


Download the archive file: aneuch_0.50.tgz Then refer to the Installing instructions.


What works, and what doesn't?

Working: Markup, editing, archiving, Plugins, Themes, Discussion Pages, RecentChanges, viewing revision history, preview, history diffs, Search, anti-spam

In the works: caching, Documentation (both of the code and of the features), ACL's

See also: Features, Issues, Future, Feature Requests

Helping Out

If you wish to get involved in Aneuch, see the Support page.