Aneuch gives you full text search capabilities.

Not only will your search query check the contents of each page in your database, but if only the title of the page matches your search query, that will be returned too!

Search results are sorted in a manner that should provide the most relevant results closest to the top. Priority is in order of most matches to least, followed by most recent edit time stamp to oldest.

In the default theme of Aneuch, there should be a search box that allows you to type your query in. If you're using a theme that doesn't, it should still be relatively easy. You use the 'search' command, along with the 'search=' criteria. For example:


This would execute a search for the term "Test". Not only would documents that include the word test (or any other variation, tests, testament, etc) show in your search results, but even the document titled "Last Will and Testament" would show up, even if no variation of "test" exists in the document outside of its title.

Search is case insensitive (so "Test" would match "test" and "TeST").

Search also allows you the ability to use regular expressions as your search criteria. For example:


This criteria would match both "Organics" and "Organisms".