This page is all about version 0.50 of the Aneuch wiki engine. This is the successor to the 0.4x series.

Download Aneuch 0.50, then follow the installation instructions (or see the Upgrading guide)

New Features

Templates - This version of Aneuch introduces templates. If you have to create a large number of pages with similar formatting/structure, you can save that formatting and structure as a template, and select that template when creating a new page. This will save significant time when it comes to building out a new site.


Version 0.50 Changelog


  • Begin working on 0.50:
    Target: None Actual: 23 March 2015
  • Required features done:
    Target: Actual:
  • Testing of all required features:
    Target: Actual:
  • Documentation complete:
    Target: Actual:
  • Download made available:
    Target: Actual: 17 February 2016

Development information can be found on Version_0.50_DevTrack