Aneuch introduced templates in Version 0.50, which aim to make adding similarly formatted articles to your wiki much easier.

A template allows you to store a pre-formatted outline in your page database that can then be used to "start" a new wiki page.

Saving a new Template

To create a new template, you simply create a new page. Start in the page editor and build out the outline of how you want your page to look. Before saving your page, be sure to check the box below the page content that says "Is this page a template?"

Once you've built it out exactly how you want it, click the save button.

Using a Template

When creating a new page, you'll notice a drop-down selector at the top of your edit page that says "Use template" and gives you a list of the available templates. Simply select the template you wish to use, and the page content will automatically populate with the selected template.

Note that if you do this for a page which already has content, the existing content will be cleared. If you've done this by accident, simply click the cancel button at the bottom of the page editor and you'll be returned to the last version of the page.

Updating a Template

Updating a template is as simple as updating an existing page. Simply edit the page in the page editor, make the changes you wish, and keep the "Is this page a template?" box checked. The template framework will always pull in the most recent revision of a template. Note that doing this does not update any pages that were created previously using the template, it will only update the template itself.