Installing Aneuch is easy. Simply extract the archive using the command "tar -xzvf". This will create a directory called "aneuch" which contains the following contents:

  • - The wiki engine
  • htaccess.dist - A sample .htaccess file for you to use (if using Apache and your site allows htaccess files)
  • - Sample config file
  • README - A short readme file

Once you have extracted the archive, you can move the files where you want them on your web server (or leave them in the aneuch folder).


You will have to set up an .htaccess file to handle the redirecting. The simplest way to do this is to rename htaccess.dist to .htaccess. If you have shell access, you can accomplish this using the command: mv htaccess.dist .htaccess

Doing this allows all requests to a file that does not exist to flow through the Aneuch script, which then serves it up as a wiki page.


Information on configuring Aneuch can be found on the Configuring page.