Aneuch Cheatsheet The Aneuch wiki engine attempts to implement the Creole markup language, with a few deviations (and a few additions). You can see the cheat sheet to the right.

Implemented Features

  • Bulleted lists (prefix with a '*')
  • Numbered lists (prefix with a '#')
  • Bold text (surround with two *'s)
  • Italic text (surround with two /'s)
  • Strikethrough text (surround with two -'s)
  • Forced line breaks (use two \'s)
  • H1 through H5 headers (start a line with ='s x level (one for H1, five for H5)
  • Links, both internal and external (surround by two ['s and ]'s, optional text after a | character)
  • Horizonal rule (four -'s)
  • Teletype text (surround by backticks)
  • Images (surround by 2 {'s and 2 }'s, optional alignment by prepending image url with 'right:' or 'left:', optional alt text after the image url and | character)
  • Underline text (surround with two underscores)
  • Multi-level lists
  • Page-wide nowiki (put the text #NOWIKI by itself on the top line of your document)
  • Pre-formatted text (<pre> tag, use triple braces '{' on a single line to start, and end with triple braces '}' on a single line)

Planned Features

  • Tables (simple)
  • Nowiki switches around text