Currently (as of Version 0.40) Aneuch uses delayed deleting (see Deleting Pages).

Prior to this version, Aneuch used immediate deleting (see Deleting Pages pre 0.40). This was the easiest way to implement page deletion at the time it was implemented (around April 9th, 2013).

Immediate Deleting

Some advantages of immediately deleting:

  • If you absolutely need to remove content from your site ASAP (e.g. a lawsuit), it's done quickly and easily
  • It was the easiest method to implement into Aneuch

And some disadvantages:

  • Deleting a page is an unrecoverable event - one would have to consult their backups if a page was inadvertently deleted

Delayed Deleting

Advantages of delayed deleting:

  • A deleted page is easily recoverable (revert to the previous change)

And disadvantages:

  • If you need to remove content immediately, you would have to edit the page database directly
  • Was a tad bit more difficult to implement into Aneuch

Some good resources on page clustering, etc can be found here: