This page is specifically designed to test the compatibility of the Markup engine with the Creole syntax. Everything below the horizontal line below this paragraph is part of that test.

Top-level heading (1)

This a test for creole 0.1 (2)

This is a Subheading (3)

Subsub (4)

Subsubsub (5)

The ending equal signs should not be displayed:

Top-level heading (1)

This a test for creole 0.1 (2)

This is a Subheading (3)

Subsub (4)

Subsubsub (5)

You can make things bold or italic or both or both.

Character formatting extends across line breaks: **bold, this is still bold. This line deliberately does not end in star-star.

Not bold. Character formatting does not cross paragraph boundaries.

You can use [internal links?] or external links, give the link a [different?] name.

Here's another sentence: This wisdom is taken from [Ward Cunningham's?] Presentation at the Wikisym 06.

Here's a external link without a description:

Be careful that italic links are rendered properly: My Book Title

Free links without braces should be rendered as well, like and

Creole1.0 specifies that http://bar and ftp://bar should not render italic, something like foo://bar should render as italic.

You can use this to draw a line to separate the page:

You can use lists, start it at the first column for now, please...

unnumbered lists are like

  • item a
  • item b
  • bold item c

blank space is also permitted before lists like:

  • item a
  • item b
  • item c
    • item c.a

or you can number them

  1. [item 1?]
  2. item 2
  3. italic item 3
    1. item 3.1
  4. item 3.2

up to five levels

  • 1
    • 2
      • 3
        • 4
          • 5
  • You can have
multiline list items
  • this is a second multiline
list item

You can use nowiki syntax if you would like do stuff like this:

Guitar Chord C:


You can also use it inline nowiki } like this.


Normal Link: - now same link, but escaped: ~

Normal asterisks: ~not bold~

a tilde alone: ~

a tilde escapes itself: ~~xxx

Creole 0.2

This should be a flower with the ALT text "this is a flower" if your wiki supports ALT text on images:

here is a red flower

Creole 0.4

Tables are done like this:

|=header col1|=header col2| |col1|col2| |you |can | |also |align
it. |

You can format an address by simply forcing linebreaks:

My contact dates:
Pone: xyz
Fax: +45
Mobile: abc

Creole 0.5

|= Header title |= Another header title | | } | } | | italic text | bold text |

Creole 1.0

If interwiki links are setup in your wiki, this links to the WikiCreole page about Creole 1.0 test cases: [WikiCreole:Creole1.0TestCases?].