This list is a preliminary list of the features that I'm working on for 0.40. The first three (Category Pages, Templates, and Shortcodes) are carry-over from Version 0.30.

Category Pages?

Perhaps I can implement some sort of category pages, which would gather a list of all pages tagged with a particular category.


Certain types of wiki sites may have need to set up document "templates". That is to say, if there are a set of pages within the wiki which should have a similar outline and layout, it would be much easier to build and deploy that wiki if one were able to create a skeleton "template". Then, you could simply create a new page based on the template, fill out the relevant sections, and you're done!


File Uploads

This release of Aneuch should allow file uploads.


As mentioned on the Future page, I'd like to implement shortcodes. A plugin can register a shortcode that gets replaced by code from that plugin at display time. A similar mechanism is available in software such as Wordpress.


Aneuch will now serve up a default robots.txt file. Site administrators will have the ability to modify the robots.txt file from the admin interface.

Revision Editing

Aneuch now allows you to edit any revision of a page, not just the most recent one. This also affects the way reverts are done.

Delayed Deleting

Pages are now deleted using the delayed delete method. See Deleting Pages.

Partially Implemented

I will convert everything over to using the module, rather than "re-inventing the wheel". This will ultimately also allow file uploads.


Starting with version 0.40, the focus will be on making Aneuch more into a platform that a wiki engine is built on, rather than just a wiki engine. While it may seem to be mere semantics on the surface, in reality it's much bigger than that. Some of this has already been accomplished with the introduction of APIs in Version 0.30.