This page is all about version 0.30 of the Aneuch wiki engine. This is the successor to version 0.2x.

More info on Version_0.30_DevTrack

Download Aneuch 0.30, then follow the installation instructions.

New Features

Anti-Spam - Aneuch 0.30 has introduced strong anti-spam features which make it a breeze for wiki administrators to keep spammers out.

APIs - The 0.30 release of Aneuch has introduced several friendly API calls for developers (and even wiki administrators) to use to add functionality to the engine. This allows you to call a simple subroutine rather than modify hash values directly.

Rate Limiting - A form of protection against too many hits in too short of time (note that this is not very effective for DoS attacks, as the script needs to load and execute each time).

New Default Theme - A new default theme has been introduced in version 0.30 of Aneuch. This theme is a large improvement over the previous default theme. It uses a good combination of light and dark colors, a good font size and good layout.

Page View Counter - See which pages are getting the most views on your site. The count will be displayed at the bottom of the page (in the default theme, on the Page Info and History page, and also on the index listing).

Customizable CSS - Now site administrators can easily edit the CSS style sheet directly from the administrative back-end. Add elements, remove or modify them, the choice is yours! There's even an easy option to restore the default CSS.

Preview for Discussion Pages - Now when typing a comment on a discussion page, you have the ability to preview how your comment will look before posting it.


Version 0.30 Changelog


  • Begin working on 0.30:
    Target: None Actual: 15 May 2013
  • Required features done:
    Target: 6 September 2013 Actual: 18 Feb 2014
  • Testing of all required features:
    Target: 13 September 2013 Actual: 18 Feb 2014
  • Documentation complete:
    Target: 13 September 2013 Actual:
  • Download made available:
    Target: 13 September 2013 Actual: 21 Feb 2014