Aneuch implements a rate limiting or "surge protection" feature, similar to Oddmuse's Surge Protection. This allows the site administrator to control how often a visitor may load a page on the site in a given amount of time (by setting the variables $SurgeProtectionTime and $SurgeProtectionCount in their file).

This controls the window of time you wish to observe. The variable holds the amount of time, in seconds, and the default is 20.

This controls the number of page load requests by any given IP address in the above defined window of time. Anything that exceeds this value will be denied access to the site until their hit count falls below this number in the above defined time window. The default is 20, which means a user can request 20 pages every 20 seconds. Most normal users will spend longer than 1 second on each page they visit, and web crawlers (such as Googlebot) should be configured to leave a delay of one second or so between page loads.