This list is a preliminary list of the features that I'm working on for 0.30

Category Pages?

Perhaps I can implement some sort of category pages, which would gather a list of all pages tagged with a particular category.


Certain types of wiki sites may have need to set up document "templates". That is to say, if there are a set of pages within the wiki which should have a similar outline and layout, it would be much easier to build and deploy that wiki if one were able to create a skeleton "template". Then, you could simply create a new page based on the template, fill out the relevant sections, and you're done!


As mentioned on the Future page, I'd like to implement shortcodes. A plugin can register a shortcode that gets replaced by code from that plugin at display time. A similar mechanism is available in software such as Wordpress.


These are the features that have been implemented


Anti-spam should be at the top of the priority list for 0.30.

Rate limiting

Oddmuse has a feature called Surge Protection, and defines it as "blocking a surge of activity from one particular user/host". I would like to implement such a feature to Aneuch.

Preview for Discussion Pages

When you're editing a page, you can easily click the "preview" button and get a look at how your page will look once run through the markup engine. However, you cannot currently do this with a discussion page post (unless you are editing the full page).

I would like to implement the preview feature for a discussion form as well. I'm thinking I should be able to get it done for version 0.30.

Self-serving CSS

While it's easy to create your own "style.css" in the web root and all, ideally Aneuch should self-serve CSS. This way, changes to site-wide styles can be easily accomplished without direct access to the file system.

Partially Implemented

These are the features that have been partially implemented

Flexible Data Structure

As it is right now, the data structure behind pages in Aneuch is very structured (i.e. certain elements are expected, and there's no easy way to add/remove elements). I'd like to do some work on loosening this some, allowing a more "free" structure, whereby elements can be added or removed as is necessary.

Won't Implement

These are the features I will not implement


First up to bat for version 0.30, I want to re-write the outputting mechanism of Aneuch. Rather than print statements I want to write a subroutine that adds text to an internal variable. Then this would be outputted all at once at the end.

A benefit of this is extra HTTP headers could be added to the output while output is being built (page not found, etc). Currently it's not possible for Aneuch to do this.