This plugin is only for Aneuch 0.40 or higher.

This plugin will register a short code which will allow you to insert HTML code snippets into your wiki page. This is useful for embedding outside resources.

Because of the potential for abuse, this plugin only allows administrators to input the HTML source for each snippet code.


Once the plugin is installed, go to the Admin screen, and select the option "Manage snippets".

Once there, you'll see a button that says "New Snippet". Clicking on this brings you to the edit screen:

Here, you type the name of the snippet, and the the code and click save.

To use a snippet in your wiki page, you include the call to the short code (%snippet) followed by a space, then the name you gave to the snippet. Any spaces will automatically be replaced by underscores. Finally, you end the short code with an ending % sign.

When editing an existing snippet, the data will be pre-filled into the edit form.

If you want to delete an already existing snippet, simply remove the code from the code text area, and save it.


You can download the plugin here: