NOTE: This API was introduced in Version 0.40

Subroutine Name


Explanation and Usage

This subroutine registers a short code and its associated subroutine. You will then call a short code in your page by placing the text %ShortCodeName% where you want its output to go. It's important to note that short codes do not print directly, rather, they return text (which must be HTML formatted, not Markup formatted as this will get called after Markup() is run).

It should be noted that anything after the short code is passed as an argument to the subroutine defined. For example, if 'ShortCodeName' was defined to call the subroutine DoShortCodeName(), then %ShortCodeName This is a test% would equate to calling DoShortCodeName("This is a test").


RegShortCode(Name, Subroutine)


Name - This is the name to associate with the action.

Subroutine - This should be the subroutine that is called when the action you specify is called via the 'do' parameter. Must be entered in this format: \&SubroutineName


These are actual examples from the Aneuch source code:

RegShortCode('search', \&DoSearchShortCode);
In this example, which comes from the InitVars sub, we're registering the 'search' short code, which will call the sub DoSearchShortCode().

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