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Beta This page is all about version 0.20 of Aneuch. This is the successor to version 0.10, and is considered the "beta" version.

New Features

Page Deletion - Deleting pages will be introduced in version 0.20. Somehow this escaped my attention in version 0.10.

Blocking - Sometimes you need to ban/block somebody. Version 0.20 will include a method to block IP's.

Extensible Posting - When sending data via the 'post' method, previously the allowed functions were fairly limited. In version 0.20, handling post data will now be extensible via plugins. It'll be a simple matter of adding a new post handler to %PostingActions.

Theme Framework - Version 0.20 should implement a true "theme framework" whereby themes can be installed and activated through the settings file.



  • Begin working on 0.20:
    Target: None Actual: 11 July 2012
  • Required features done:
  • Testing of all required features:
  • Documentation complete:
  • 0.20 branch and download made available: