As part of its anti-spam capabilities, Aneuch administrators can set rules for the types of content allowed on a wiki. The administrator accomplishes this by visiting the administration menu, then selecting the Ban certain types of content option.

From this screen, the administrator can enter regular expressions that he might want to match.

For example, this line would block anything that starts with [url= (which is BBCode, and not valid Creole markup)


You can also use a bare word, for example "viagra" or similar. Be careful using bare words however, as if they occur innocuously in the middle of a word, that will be blocked. An example would be if you use the bare word ass, it would block any edit which included the words bass, associate, etc.

We publish the contents of the BannedContent file used here on the Aneuch wiki on the page BannedContentFile. Feel free to copy the contents of that into your own BannedContent file.