Tracking page for version 0.20 development

Aneuch version 0.20 is currently on track for timely release.

  • Page Deletion - Done 04/09/13
  • Blocking - Done 07/16/12
  • Extensible Posting - Done 07/16/12
  • (Rudimentary) Theme Framework - Done 04/25/13
  • 404 Status - Done 04/16/13
  • Maintenance Tasks - Done 4/12/13
  • Re-vamp page history with selectable versions to compare - Done 04/22/13
  • Revert to past revision - Done 04/22/13
  • Markup: Multi-level lists implemented - Done 04/22/13

Maintenance tasks

Here are the current maintenance tasks, which run as part of the call to DoMaint(), which is the last call of the main Aneuch script.

  • purgerc - Purges old items from the rc.log file. Controlled by variable $PurgeRC
  • purgetemp - Purges old files from the temp directory. Controlled by variable $RemoveOldTemp
  • purgeoldr - Purges old revisions from the archive directory. Controlled by variable $PurgeArchives
  • trimvisit - Trims the visitor log. Controlled by variable $MaxVisitorLog

Other notes

Aneuch has changed how pages are stored in the filesystem (it's now set up to use the same method as the archive directory uses). So for example, your main page HomePage will no longer be in $PageDir/HomePage, but will now be $PageDir/H/HomePage. This makes upgrading an existing installation a bit of a pain, but not impossible (you'll merely have to create directories for each letter of the alphabet that your pages start with, and move the pages into their respective alphabet folder).