commit 74dcdace12bdfb8cf8309548a999bcf121cfce4e
Author: Aaron J. Graves <>
Date: Tue Jul 23 10:27:31 2013 -0500

  • Added section for $FancyUrls

  • Added var $FancyUrls
  • Set version to 0.21
  • InitScript: Change how $ShortUrl is built to accomodate $FancyUrls changes
  • InitVars: Define $FancyUrls if not defined; configure $ShortUrl and $Url based on $FancyUrls; check for existence of '?' when building $EditText and $RevisionsText; $NavBar shows $ShortUrl$DefaultPage now instead of $Url$DefaultPage; replace spaces with underscores in @NavBarPages
  • Markup: Call ReplaceSpaces on any internal links, also prepend with $ShortUrl; Change handling of return data
  • SetCookie: If $ShortUrl includes '$ShortScriptName?', remove it then use it as $cookiepath
  • ALL FORMS: Instead of using $ShortUrl.$ShortScriptName as the action, use $ScriptName
  • DoRandom: Instead of directing to the page directly, prepend with $ShortUrl
  • Added sub ReplaceSpaces - Changes all spaces to underscore
  • CSS: Uncommented padding-right value in .navbar a