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18:43 UTC (current) Revision 8 . . . . AaronGraves ( – I discovered a rather unfortunate error in the code that handles reverting a page to a previous revision. The procedure did not check if editing was allowed (by calling **CanEdit()**), and thus it was triggered by a spider crawling the history page. The check on **CanEdit()** has been added, as well as the "revert" link was changed to a form button, so it could not be triggered by a web spider anymore.
21:17 UTC Revision 7 . . . . AaronGraves ( – I've written a plugin that implements shortcodes (as mentioned on [[Future]]). I don't see any reason why I can't merge the code into the main source tree for version 0.20 release.
14:20 UTC Revision 6 . . . . AaronGraves ( – 404's should be fully done now!
20:37 UTC Revision 5 . . . . AaronGraves ( – As a side effect of changing the way revisions are done, it's now possible for page names to contain periods.
19:52 UTC Revision 4 . . . . AaronGraves ( – The way displaying old revisions of a page has changed. Previously, the request would be the pagename, a period, and the revision number (HomePage.5 as an example). Now the request would look like "?do=revision;page=HomePage;rev=5". To facilitate this, a new command was added to **%Commands** called //**revision**//, which points to **DoRevision()**. All the other code has been commented for now, will be swept out in version 0.30.
17:32 UTC Revision 3 . . . . AaronGraves ( – **DoMaintPurgeOldRevs()** now reads the file in and checks the //**ts**// record to insure the highest level of accuracy when removing old revisions.
18:38 UTC Revision 2 . . . . AaronGraves ( – Maintenance task for purging old archives has been written. One caveat: It uses stat to pull the file mod time to determine if the archive is older than $TimeStamp - $PurgeArchives. This works great in theory, but in practice it's a terrible idea. The file mod time will be whenever that archive file was moved to the archive - in other words, when the next revision pushed it. This task needs to be re-written to place a call to **GetFile()** and read the //**ts**// record, then compare that to $TimeStamp - $PurgeArchives.
16:33 UTC Revision 1 . . . . AaronGraves ( – Maintenance task for trimming the visitor log has been completed (finally! This has been missing for a while!)