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Taint mode (-T) is turned on, however not all shell expansions are untainted. This will generate errors in some installations (apparently not in my dev environment though... weird).

Here are the lines that include shell expansion:

654:    $line =~ s#\`{1}(.*?)\`{1}#<tt>$1</tt>#g;
741:    '`<tt>teletype</tt>`</dd>'.
1400:    $diff = `diff $TempDir/old $TempDir/new`;
1516:  my $diff = `diff $TempDir/old $TempDir/new`;
1645:  print $q->p("perl: ".`perl -v`);
1646:  print $q->p("diff: ".`diff --version`);
1647:  print $q->p("grep: ".`grep --version`);
1648:  print $q->p("awk: ".`awk --version`);
2289:  chomp(my @files = `grep -Prl '$Param{'search'}' $PageDir`);
2990:  my $diff = `diff $TempDir/old $TempDir/new`;
3179:  chomp(my @counts = split(/\n/,`grep ^$UserIP $VisitorLog | awk '\$2>$spts'`));

For sure lines 1400, 1516, 2289, 2990, and 3179 should be examined closely.

-- AaronGraves Thu Jun 23 03:57:33 UTC 2016 (