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14:51 UTC (current) Revision 1 . . . . AaronGraves ( – Perhaps I should look at building a "nightly release" process. A couple of options are available:# Pull the latest checkin from git, zip it up, and drop it in the downloads directory. This might be the "safest" (i.e. less likely to break spectacularly) way, however since I don't check code in to git regularly, it will be stagnant for several days or even weeks at a time. Will that really be "nightly"?# Pull the latest live code from the directory where it lives on my system, zip it up, and drop it in the downloads directory. This will have a lower likelihood of getting stagnant for long periods of time, however the likelihood that it might break in spectacular fashion is significantly higher (as I may be in the middle of updating a block of code when it is pulled which might cause it to be inconsistent).Any ideas are welcome.