Subroutine Name


Explanation and Usage

This will register an action when Aneuch is receiving POST data. Each form should have a hidden field titled 'doing'. The value of that field is what will be used to determine which action in %PostingActions will be called (and %PostingActions is built using this subroutine).


RegPostAction(Name, Subroutine)


Name - This is the name to associate with the action (and what the form's hidden "doing" field should have as its value).

Subroutine - This should be the subroutine that is called when the POST action you specify is called. Must be entered in this format: \&SubroutineName


These are actual examples from the Aneuch source code:

RegPostAction('login', \&DoPostingLogin);
This will register the action (hidden "doing" field on the form) 'login' with the subroutine DoPostingLogin

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