Vision/mission: to create the simplest (& most flexible) wiki topology!

Let's not have this as another UseMod-like -- if we can boil what a wiki *is* down to its essentials (much like what TiddlyWiki did) it could replace almost all dynamic website systems today.

And to have that power through the normal forms & wiki syntax would be incredible.

-- TomMewett Fri Oct 31 23:44:40 UTC 2014 (


That's a very interesting idea.

One of the (or maybe the primary) goal I had for Aneuch was to make it a set-and-forget program. You install it, and that's it. You start using it, and forget the software is even there. We're not quite to that point yet, but it's not too far off.

-- AaronGraves Fri Dec 12 15:17:50 UTC 2014 (


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